joni miller design

rooms that breathe




every time you walk into a room, you feel something...

...let me design a space that "feels like you"... desire is to listen to your ideas about color and vibe and transform your space into a room that breathes...

...a place where others feel welcome and you feel at home...invite me into your space and let's dream!



at home.jpg



Joni somehow made my office match my

personality...if you see my see me!

It's like she turned me inside out!

                           TLS, west chester, pa

Working with Joni was both empowering & invigorating! I loved all her wonderful design selections and having her bring my vision to life was exhilarating!

She is able to lead and guide you in an interactive, personal manner and you can feel the passion she brings to her work.

The end result was MORE then I could have expected or envisioned!

                             LD, west chester, pa

view from living room.jpg


West Chester, Pennsylvania